Schedule: January 21 - March 16, 2016
Lecturer in charge: Ms. Helena Anttila
Contact sessions: 21.1., 11.2. and 16.3.2016

The main aim of the course is to enhance your ability and skills to encounter and deal with multicultural issues in working and learning environments. The course will increase the self-awareness of your own cultural sensitivity and competence as well as support their development.

This course runs from 21nd of January to 16th of March 2016. It includes three contact sessions in which it is also possible to participate virtually via Adobe Connect, however this must be agreed with the lecturer well in advance. The dates of contact sessions are 21.1., 11.2. and 16.3.2016 each starting at 17.00 to 20.00 o’clock.

The maximum number of participants in this course is 18 students.


On completion of this course you will enhance your awareness of cultural aspects and the challenges of multiculturalism in working and learning environments. You will be able to recognize and further develop your skills and practices to encounter and deal with multicultural issues in these environments.


  • Review of cultural aspects in work and learning environments
  • Communication and interaction within multicultural contexts
  • Challenges of multiculturalism in working and learning contexts

Assessment materials

  • Active participation in contact sessions
  • Completion of the assignment of an intensive interview enriched with relevant theoretical background
  • Independent working in an online learning environment

Assessment criteria

  • Participation required in contact sessions face to face (or virtually)
  • Successful completion of learning assignment
  • Productive independent working

Required skills

Reflection skills

  • You will be able to view your own cultural starting points and the development of your cultural competence.
  • You will be able to explore your own skills as well as the skills of your work community in relation to the challenges of internationalization and multiculturalism.
  • You will have the ability to set new goals in order to develop your own as well as your work community´s activities and practices.

Information management skills

  • You will be capable of searching and utilizing theoretical knowledge about multiculturalism and internationalization for the benefit of your own practical multicultural skills and experiences.
  • You will be able to apply the structured knowledge and information gathered in future international and multicultural encounters.

Developmental skills

  • You will be able to develop your own and your work/learning community´s activities and practices in relation to the internationalization challenges the work community will face.
    You will develop a willingness and skills to face challenges arising from internationalization and multiculturalism in different work and learning environments.

 Grading scale

  • Pass/Failed