November 2014 - Spring 2015
Teacher: Tuovi Leppänen

The aim of the course is to improve your skills in developing cooperation with multicultural students.

In the beginning of the course we go through your own cultural approach to learning, concepts of multicultural pedagogy and basic theories of multiculturalism.

The working methods are creative, practical and group-based. You will learn action methods in multicultural teaching. You will get supervision for your everyday challenges with multicultural student groups.

The course includes orientation task, 6 contact days and a student-based course assignment.

In the course assignment you will get deeper understanding of multicultural pedagogy based on your own learning needs. This course doesn’t require previous experience in multicultural teaching.

Contact sessions:

  • Thu-Fri 5.-6.2.2015
  • Tue-Wed 24.-25.3.2015
  • Thu-Fri 23.-24.4.2015

Learning outcomes

You will learn to

  • recognize your own cultural backgrounds relevant to teaching and facilitating learning.
  • know cross-cultural pedagogy and dialogic assumptions related to facilitating learning and learn to use them in your work with different students and colleagues from cultural backgrounds.
  • respect and protect the school organization, yourself, your colleagues and your students’ cultural uniqueness.
  • act as a member of a multicultural team and to develop its organization so that the different cultural backgrounds and future employees and students can become a full member of the community.


  • Cultural identity and its development
  • Multicultural professional development
  • Facilitating multicultural, dialogical learning
  • The multicultural education community

 Assessment material

  • The student’s active participation in contact seminars.
  • Learning tasks

Assessment criteria

  • Increase in the student’s awareness of their ability to evaluate their own learning.
  • Open interaction with other students in seminar discussions.
  • Successful completion of the learning assignment.

Grading scale