Schedule: 3 - 7 June, 2018
Tutors: Helena Anttila, Ari Langén

In this course you will explore and reflect creative learning, as well as increase your interactional competence in international setting. Creativity can mean using arts in education, but also exploring new teaching, counseling, guidance and learning methods, ideas, concepts etc.

After this course you will have increased your interaction skills and gained deeper understanding of the topic “Creativity and Learning” by exploring and reflecting question related to it and also reflected your own facilitating learning skills in this framework.

Thus, this course concentrates on developing your interaction skills and facilitating learning skills.

The 8th International Summer School will take place on 3.-7.6.2019. Dates will be announced later. More information about Summer School 2019 and previous summer schools can be found in the Summer School Blog

The maximum number of participants in this course is 50 students.

Intended learning outcomes

You are able to apply creativity and creative methods to your work. You are also able to reflect and improve skills to work in multicultural group. You will be able to view your own cultural starting points and the development of your cultural competence.

Acquiring competence

You acquire the competences required by this course by participating to the summer school programme as an active participant and doing all learning and assessment tasks in it.   

You will participate actively to the following parts of the course:

  • Orientation tasks in spring 1 cr
  • Workshops and study visits during the summer school week.
  • Contact sessions: Monday to Friday every day at 09:00 to 17:00 + social programme in the evenings. 2 cr
  • Facilitating social, action-based and cultural programme, (Summer school students will facilitate the social programme of the summer school) 1 cr
  • Creative reflection (pictures, diary, video, blog texts etc.), 1 cr.

Participation is required in all contact sessions as well as other Summer School activities.

Demonstrating competence 

You demonstrate the competences required by this course by attending actively to the Summer School programme activities and preparing the learning and assessment tasks.

Assessment of the learning process and competence

In this course assessment focuses on interaction skills and facilitating learning skills. Methods of self-assessment and peer assessment will be used actively during the course.

The assessment is criterion referenced and the assessment decision is made by the teacher trainer once all the learning tasks have been completed.

The assessment decision is made on a pass/fail scale. The assessment material consists of  active participation in the Summer School programme and completion of learning assignments.