Pedagogical Lab also in Finnish, see here.

Schedule: Autumn semester 2018 and Spring semester 2019
Tutors: Eila Burns and Satu Aksovaara

In Pedagogical Lab (PEDA Lab), you are able to participate in structured and supported pedagogical development tasks offered by the School of Professional Teacher Education. The offered tasks vary based on current needs at the department. They can be related to several pedagogical development areas, such as expanding the available choices of studies and/or participating in research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities. The development tasks follow the principles of Design-Based Research.

The maximum number of participants is 15 students.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The student is capable of applying user-oriented and innovative methods in the planning of focused development activities. They are able to create an implementation plan with the development team based on the principles of Design-Based Research. Moreover, they are able to work constructively in multidisciplinary development teams, and disseminate the results of the activities.

Acquiring Competence

The study process in PEDA Lab is intensive, focusing on solving of authentic development ideas. It offers you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with a development method based on Design-Based Research via experiential learning. The development team operates independently and follow the jointly agreed time schedule. Individual and group tutoring meetings support the progress of the study process. The reporting of the development tasks and the team meetings will take place in digital environments.

In PEDA Lab-activities, you get to develop future competence, development competence, agency competence and interaction competence by participating in activities, reflecting on them and publishing on the process of the activities and gained results.

Demonstrating Competence

You can demonstrate the competence required by this course by completing the activities offered, by actively attending the PEDA Lab tutoring meetings and by publishing about the development activities. You also have the possibility to apply for a digital badge indicating competence in development work.

Assessment of the Learning Process and Competence

In PEDA Lab, future competence skills, development competence skills, agency competence skills and interaction competence skills are assessed.

The assessment decision is reflected on the competence areas described in the professional teacher education programme and the student’s own competence development aims.

The methods used are self-, peer- and/or group assessment and teacher educator’s feedback.

The assessment decision is made on a pass/fail scale.